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Winewood supplier of hand made mini Oak barrels built especially for ageing and mellowing spirits, beer and wine and don’t forget you can also age cocktails.

The mini Oak barrels are made from American Oak the preferred choice by most distillers and breweries.  Connoisseurs around the globe agree: spirits, beer and wine move to the top shelf after ageing in an Oak barrel.
The beauty about ageing in an oak barrel is you can start with the least expensive alcohol and the magic of the ageing process will change the quality of the drink. Your alcohol will mature with distinct characteristics.

The smaller the barrel, the quicker the ageing process. This is down to the fact that the alcohol comes in contact with the Oak far quicker then when stored away in the bigger barrels.


1ltr, 2ltr, 3ltr, 5ltr, 10ltr & 20ltr.  We also provide a wedding card barrel for hire.

Lead time:

Lead time will depend on number of orders from other customers.  You will be notified and advised on this matter.

What you get: - Professionally made American Oak Barrel ~ 1 funnel ~ Tasting Cups~ Introduction Letter

Other Products: - Cleaning Kits (Advised) ~ Personalized Bottles ~ Personalised Shot Glasses - Private Preserve ~ Campden Tablets ~ Extra Barrel Wax ~ Personalized Whiskey Flasks ~ Whiskey Stones ~ Crystal Decanter ~ Slate tasting Platter

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Age you own whiskey or any Spirits in a matter of months and not years.

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“Why Smaller is at times Better”

When people picture oak-ageing barrels for sale, they often think the standard 53-gallon casks that distilleries use.

For a home bar or small business use, large comes in the range of 20 litres. The beauty behind the smaller barrel is the process of aging & mellowing can be sped up to about 2 or 6 times.  This depends on the size of the barrel and how many times you have used it. 

It’s fast. It takes under two months on average to age 750ml of spirits or wine. You can start sampling at 14 days (especially in the beginning) and call it finished when it suits your pallet.  

The small interior of the barrel surface area to stored volume makes for strong flavour notes of vanilla, spice and oak in a short time.
The small barrel makes it perfect for experimenting with new blends and infusions.
The small size makes it easy to move from your shed to kitchen to party to barbecue.  It is good to move barrel from different temperatures at times to help the aging process but be aware that this might cause the barrel to leak.

Same Barrels Only Smaller

Ageing takes place inside a small oak barrel as they do in the larger barrels, the only difference is time. Ageing is simply a chemical reaction between the alcohol, the congeners produced during fermentation, oxidation, and the by-products of the wooden barrel. These are affected by the alcohol content of the spirit, the level of charring in the oak barrel, humidity, the temperature in the ageing area, the size of the barrel, and the length of time that ageing takes place.

What Can I Age in a Mini Oak Barrel?

  • Whiskey is the most associated beverage with ageing in oak barrels, but really you can age, mellow, flavour lots and lots. We don’t declare to be experts or anything like that as we are always learning something new. So what can you age? Oak barrel ageing applies to whiskey, scotch, bourbon, brandy, tequila, rum, cognac, cocktails etc. All of these can be poured from a bottle straight into the barrel.
  • Wine can also be mellowed however you’ll need to add our private preserve to help preserve the oxidation of your wine. This also works for vinegar’s and cooking oils
  • Works well with craft beers
  • Coffee beans can be infused with the spirit of your choice
  •  Sauces

Products & services

"Suitable For"

#People who would like experiment in aging low cost spirits straight from the bottle.

#Mellowing craft beers.

#Aging wines from the bottle. (Remember you must use our Private Preserve)

#Aging cocktails (There is some don'ts involved here)

#Trying different infusions and blends.

  • These barrels are ideal for home distilleries and brewers.

 "The Wood"

Made by a professional cooper using American White Oak.  American White Oak barrels are well known their rich complex flavours which elevates the barrels contents.  Every barrel is different and unique just like the Oak tree it comes from.  Trees selected for the making of the barrels must meet strict quality measures.  The Oak seasoned and softened which influences flavour integration.  Grown in a dense forest to influence straight growth the Quercus Alba aka American White Oak is the most used species for the production of barrels.  the tree has a high volume of Tyloses which is a gum like substance that will plug the pores of the heartwood and prevent barrels from leaking.  


Products & services

Many of the world’s finest wines and spirits are crafted in American white oak. Hand-made by master coopers across the world, American oak barrels are known for their rich, complex flavors, elevating the contents which they contain. From the great woodlands of America to the wine (or whiskey) to the glass, to the table and to the taste.